Showcasing our boldest designs.


The WOW series invites people to envision jewellery in daring and unexpected ways. It shows Berquin’s readiness to jump into the creative unknown with chic designs. Ultimately, the WOW series asks you to dream again of what could be possible in jewellery.




Jewellery with colourful options.


The REFLECTION series brings jewellery with gemstones in a human setting. By wearing them, you complete the form and functionality of this jewellery. The exchangeable system used by Berquin Jewels allows you to adapt and modify stones, pendants and clasps in an easy, safe and elegant way. Together, you and the jewel complete each other.




Jewellery that tells your story.

The inspiration for Berquin’s tailor made designs starts with your personal story. Throughout the creation process we pay attention to your style, preferences and morphology. At the House of Berquin we transform what we discover into a perfectly fitting, handmade, tailor made and high quality piece of jewellery.